Looking for Quality Candidates Using The Old Ways?

Big Job Boards

Lots of leads, but lots of time spent weeding through unqualified candidates.

Industry Job Boards

More qualified leads but too much focus on pay, and what you will do for them.

Free Job Resources

A crowded field with no tools or support. You get what you pay for.

12-Volt Talent Offers a Better Way.

Our objective is to give you the very best opportunity to attract candidates who meet your experience requirements, but more importantly, fit your business and culture.

Here's How We Do It.

We Tell Your Story With an Engaging Premium Listing.

We perform a full phone interview and build an immersive visual listing for your business and the employment opportunity. We focus on your history, the day-to-day operations, team structure and staff culture. Our goal is to give prospective candidates a complete picture of what it’s like to walk through your doors each day to earn a living.

Your Listing Gets Exclusive Attention From a Targeted Audience.

Once we’ve created your listing, it is placed on our website at 12volttalent.com for up to 60 days.  We then send out an exclusive viewing invitation to thousands of industry professionals from our extensive network as well as opportunity-seekers who have expressed interest in our listings.

We Manage All the Details for You.

Your listing is continually promoted to prospective candidates via email, social media SEO and several focused employment resources. We manage the responses for you, weeding out spam and grossly unqualified responders to present you with quality candidates.

Multiple Studies Show:

The Majority of Workers Value Fulfillment Over Pay.

When you demonstrate that potential fulfillment at the beginning, you attract more candidates who are looking for a career, not just a paycheck.

Here's How to Get Started:

Businessman in office talking on phone

Submit to a Short Interview.

Fill in the form and submit your deposit. Our staff writer will call to set up an interview time with you. We will also provide you with a list of images and other items we need to put your listing together.

View and Approve Your Listing.

Once your listing is approved, we collect the remainder of the fee and post your listing to our website. We send your viewing invitation and also provide you with links to promote your listing through your own channels.

Re-Send, Refresh or Renew.

Your listing remains on the site for 60 days from its posting. During this time, it is promoted via our newsletter and social media outreach. After 60 days, you can opt to extend its exposure for a nominal fee.

Listing Fee: $ 349

Includes: Listing for a single location and a single work description • Exclusive viewing invitation • Response tracking • Application / Resume management • Continued promotion via newsletter and website • Online visibility for 60 days

Add Location(s) (25 mi. radius): +$50

Add Work Description (2 maximum): +$50

Listing Renewal Options

Re-Send: $249

Refresh your listing, re-send the viewing invitation and extend website / social media visibility for 45 days

Refresh: $149

Refresh your listing and extend website / social media visibility for 45 days

Renew: $49

Extend your original listing’s website / social media visibility for 45 days

How do We "Refresh" Your Listing?

We perform a follow-up interview to  reflect changes within your business, or focus on different aspects of your operation to resonate with new candidates. We also update the images and testimonial (if included).