Should You Relocate?
If you’re having trouble finding work in your immediate area, maybe it’s time to expand your search.

If you’re having a hard time finding work locally, or if it’s been difficult to grow professionally in your current position, it might be time to consider expanding your search to include towns and cities beyond where you live—by a few hours, a few states, or even across the country.

Here are a few points to consider.

#1: Would relocating help you to advance your career?

Professional and personal growth help us find increased fulfillment in our lives. If you’re feeling stagnant, you might find a more rewarding position through a willingness to relocate. You may also discover greater opportunities for advancement and higher pay.

#2: Will moving help you find a more positive living situation?

Some who relocate to larger cities not only find a better-paying position and more opportunity for career advancement, but they may also discover more opportunities for personal fulfillment, networking, community engagement—or even closer proximity to training classes which may help them grow professionally.

#3: How will the move impact family and friends?

Personal growth is just as important as professional growth, and indeed, the two are deeply connected. If you have a spouse or children who will be moving with you, the conversation involves other relocation factors, such as schooling and searching for a new home together.

If you’ve already visited a prospective employer, it helps to consider the following: What’s the store culture like? Can you envision working with the team on a daily basis? Do you feel that your personality and talents will mesh well in the new environment?

Retailers often report difficulty in finding employees, leading them to expand their search for talent nationally or even internationally. Will the rewards of relocating for work outweigh any negatives? It’s up to you to decide.